Shukun Technology Joined Hands with Health 100 to Support the Public Welfare Activities of “Love Without Borders - Help the Disabled”

May 15, 2022

The sixth “Love without Borders - Help the Disabled” national brand public welfare campaign, sponsored by Health 100, China Association of Persons with Physical Disability and Shanghai Provincial Disabled Persons Foundations, officially started on May 15.

In this event, medical AI company Shukun Technology donated more than 5,000 copies of its heart and lung screening product to help the smooth implementation of the free medical screening service. It is understood that the product can obtain multiple early screening results for lung diseases and hidden coronary heart diseases through a single low-dose CT scan, achieving great convenience in early screening for lung cancer and coronary heart diseases, and having obvious advantages over traditional examinations in terms of cost and efficiency. After receiving 2 NMPA Class III certificates for head and neck CTA AI and lung nodule AI in April this year, Shukun has become the only medical AI company in the world to have NMPA Class III certificates in three key therapeutic areas, heart, brain and chest, at the same time.